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Set up mobile notifications

Agents automatically receive notifications about incoming messages. Additionally you can turn on push notifications. Dialogity uses browser based push notification so it can be enabled on any device where the browser supports it, for example on your mobile phone or on your desktop.

Benefits of notifications

It’s delivered immediately, you don’t have to wait until the email is received and synchronized with your device.

You can control it device-by-device. For example you can turn it on only for your laptop, so you can answer messages conveniently while you are working.

Notification won’t be lost in your crowded inbox. Your visitors expect swift answers, and an email can be easily lost if you receive tons of emails each and every day.

Turn on notification

Go to your admin page at https://app.dialogity.com.

Go to the “Settings” menu.

If you are at the first time there, you will see a popup notification about enabling the notifications. If you wan’t to enable it, just click ok.

If you already selected NO, you won’s see the notification. In this case you should check the “Enable push notifications on this device”.

Please note, when you first enable notification, your browser will ask for permission. Accept it, otherwise notifications won’t be delivered.