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Updates in June, 2020

Improvements in the chat interface

User can postpone the email request form, and optionally enter her email address later.

The time when the message was sent is displayed in the dialog.

Agent can answer messages with email

Messages can be answered simply by answering the notification email. The original message must be kept in quotes and everything before the original message will be included in the answer message, so delete the signature.

Admin site

Some basic statistics about the last 30 days were added to the admin site:

  • Page view: number of web-pages loaded with the Dialogity chat plugin.
  • Visitors: number of unique visitors, who have seen the Dialogity chat.
  • Clicks: number of clicks on the chat window.
  • Messages: number of messages sent by your visitors to you.

Other updates

There were also some design and functional fixes rolled out:

  • Design fix on iOS
  • Better placement for privacy policy
  • Data audit site updates.

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